Prices have been subject to increase as of July 2, 2019 for any bookings going forward


VIP Bridal Package – $175- Want to skip the spa? This package includes full glam makeup with lashes that has an extensive “mini facial” skin treatment regime. Includes a deep exfoliation, sheet mask, and under eye mask to make you look your most flawless on your wedding day.

Bridal & Event Makeup$130 – Full customized skincare, makeup application, and false eyelashes

Mother of the Bride/Junior bridesmaid/flowergirl – $95.00 very minimal face makeup and a no-liner look for a mature or flower-girl (lashes are not included)

$15.00 – for additional eyelashes

** All trials reflect the same pricing


 $130.00 – Below & Above Shoulder Length (Full or Half Updos/Curl set/blow-out)

Added Extension/Hair pieces/extremely long or thick hair$30.00 

$100.00 – Mother of the Bride/Junior bridesmaid/flowergirl

$80.00 – Short Styles (above ear) 

** All hair trials reflect same pricing

Additional Bridal Party Fees & Information Before Booking 

Travel, Early Start Time, Late fees, Assistant Fees

Additional Fees & Fine Print:

Travel – $30.00  within city limits travel (per vehicle; it is not charged per artist if additional artists are hired and can carpool together)

Anything past city limits, mileage will be an additional $0.58/km as per Government of Canada mileage allowances.

Minimum Booking Requirement – 4 services minimum (4 makeup/4 hair/or 2 hair & makeup) during the peak bridal months of May until end of September.

Assistant Fee – $50 per artist – Bridal parties exceeding 6 people or more than 6 services, I may be required to contract out another artist to cut down the timing, depending on when the time to be ready by is. If it is a later afternoon wedding, chances are I can do the entire party myself. This is a one time fee to be paid with the retainer.

Early Morning Charge: $75 for every hour before a 6:00 am start time.

Late Fees – If bridal party is late to start services, it is $20 for every 15 minutes; $50 for every half hour, $100 for each hour late starting.

Late Payment: if payment is not paid in full on the day the services are completed, a $50 late fee plus interest per each day late until payment is received.

*Please note any additional costs such as parking, salon fees, etc will be charged back to the bride.

Makeup or Hair: Group Bookings of 6 or More: Please book as far in advance as possible. Any parties that are 6 or more people; I will be most likely be requiring an assistant to help prep the hair to cut down timing.

All artists chosen to assist me are of the most upmost professional standards that equally reflect my level of work and artistry. I will only hire assistants that are trustworthy and reliable, that I personally know, and that use the same level of quality professional products as I do.

While every artist is different and unique in their own way and cannot be 100% replicated, I try my best to have those accompany me on larger bridal parties that can showcase the same level and quality of work.

** All bookings are considered final & non-refundable once a deposit and signed bridal contract have been received **

Inquiries about dates or services are not considered confirmed bookings.

All pricing includes GST; so there are no additional hidden fees other than what is stated.

All bridal hair or makeup payments must be made in cash day of, or payment of total amount via E-transfer 48 hours before wedding day.

There will be a $5 charge for each e-transfer if cash is not provided.

How to Book your Bridal Party:

Please email to inquire about my availability, put forth any questions you may have, and to receive the full bridal contract.

Please read through the contract entirely, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, please sign and email/fax/screenshot photo and email the contract back along with an e-transfer retainer of only the bride’s day of total and any additional fees (assistant, travel fees).

Once these are both received, it is considered a non-refundable official booking and the date is reserved for your wedding day. Once I have signed my portion of the contract, I will send back to you for your records and include a break-down of the total costs of services for the remaining balance to be paid on or before your wedding date.

The remaining balance for the bridal party are due the day of in cash, or payment in full 48-hours before the wedding date via e-transfer.


Frequently Asked Questions:


I am interested in booking you for my wedding, how early should I be booking and send a retainer to secure the date?

Short answer: Typically 1-2 years in advance for prime bridal months of May-September.

Every year seems to be different for when brides like to begin booking their artists, but for prime summer wedding dates especially in June and July – I receive bookings for those weekends as early as two years in advance.

STILL SEND ME AN EMAIL– I may be available or be able to do two weddings that day depending on the time; and if not, I love referring other reputable artists that you can trust.

If you also have a large wedding party (more than 5 people for one service), as soon as possible! That way I am able to hire the appropriate assistants while they are available.


How should I prepare my hair/skin for my wedding day to ensure it lasts the longest, and looks its most flawless?


  • Have your colour/haircut touched up one to two weeks before your wedding day
  • If you have extensions (clip in’s), make sure they are shampooed and blow dried before your wedding day. (fresh extensions are coated in wax to give a silky/soft appearance, which does not match the texture of most people’s hair. The wax also makes it difficult to hold a curl, and can “weigh down” your style with it falling flat within a few hours)
  • The day of: please arrive with washed hair the night before, no product in (other than a leave-in conditioner or oil), half air-dried and half blow-dried (round brush is good if you have naturally curly hair or a cowlick you need to control).
  • Absolutely do not apply any hot tools or a flat iron to the hair. (this interferes with the prep work involved, and can compromise how long your hair can hold a curl if it is flat ironed)


  • Please try and take good care of your skin the week of your wedding! Makeup can only look as good as when your skin is clear and smooth. Makeup can cover redness/blemishes/uneven skin, but it cannot fix texture.
  • It is a good idea to get a facial a week or two before, drink plenty of water, use skin masks/eye masks on the days leading up
  • Waxing: please have any facial waxing done 1.5 weeks before bridal date. Makeup does not adhere at all to freshly waxed skin, it will leave your makeup looking patchy and uneven. Numerous times I have had to work around waxing burns on eyebrows/lips. Please give your self a lot of time before your wedding day, so that if this does happens, you have the time to heal from it
  • Exfoliate your skin the day before. This will help remove all the dead skin/extra texture to your skin and ensure that your makeup looks flawless and has a smooth application

Daily/Half-Day Rates

Commercial, TV, on set photo-shoot, or group or hourly/day rates to need to contact for a quote:

Special FX/Halloween Makeup

** Please contact for a quote with your desired look **

Pricing is charged on an hourly basis of $130/hour

Extra charges for partial or full body painting